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Event Details

Faith Coalition for the Common Good Presents:


217 Virtual Trivia Night

What is the "Springfield Horseshoe Festival"?

The "Springfield Horseshoe Festival" is a one of kind, remarkably Springfield experience that seeks to unite all of Springfield around everyone's favorite meal.... The Horseshoe Sandwich! The famous Horseshoe Sandwich is a national phenomenon that started right here in Springfield! As a way to unite Springfield and showcase our greatness, Faith Coalition for the Common Good invites you to participate in the 2nd Annual' "Springfield Horseshoe Festival".

Last year, the Faith Coalition for the Common Good, in cooperation with the Springfield Park District, hosted the First Ever "Springfield Horseshoe Festival": "Shoes and Shoes" at Lincoln Park. The famous Horseshoe Sandwich was prepared and sold by local restaurants and the Illinois Horseshoe Pitching Association organized a celebrity horseshoe pitching tournament. Due to the pandemic of COVID-19, we are holding a virtual event in lieu of our customary outdoor festival in the park.

How to Participate in the 2nd Annual Springfield Horseshoe Festival:


Ready to put your random knowledge to the test? Join Gamemaster Bo for trivia night, sure to provide fun wherever you are! Play by yourself, or assemble a team...and come ready to play! Participate in lively, fun trivia night that includes history of Springfield and of course the horseshoes! Please register with a valid email as you will receive further instruction about log-in and rules to the trivia night. We will award prizes to the teams with the most correct answers as well as the team with the most registered participants!!!!!!

Horseshoe and Trivia:

Our featured restaurants are currently: Boyd's Restaurant and Clay's Popeye BBQ. These restaurants will provide a Horseshoe Sandwich to accompany your ticket purchase if you select that option! You would be responsible for picking up your Horseshoe from the designated restaurant by calling and setting up a pick-up time.

You can also make your own Horseshoe Sandwich at home and just participate in the trivia night! Again, once you register you will receive further instruction about log-in and rules to the trivia night!

Just Gimme a Horseshoe:

We ask that Saturday, August 1, 2020 you support the following restaurants by purchasing a Horseshoe Sandwich!

Clay's Popeye's BBQ

Address: 1121 S Grand Ave E, Springfield, IL 62703

Hours Saturday, August 1, 11AM-6PM

Phone(217) 522-0386

Boyd's New Generation

Address1831 S Grand Ave E, Springfield, IL 62703

Hours:Saturday, August 1, 11AM-6PM

Phone(217) 544-9866

Please forward all questions, concerns, comments, and donations to Faith Coalition for the Common Good by emailing [email protected].

Venue Information

This event takes place online.

Organizer Information

Faith Coalition for the Common Good

2208 E Kansas
Springfield, IL 62703
(217) 626-1004

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